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We now have bumper covers available for bumpers with holes drilled.  23.5mm O.D.
In order to get the best appearance, we created our own tool to produce these parts.  We
can make sure the part have continuous curvature and minimal markings on the parts.
The part is designed to have an alignment post in the middle for easy alignment to center of
hole.  The alignment post can be easily removed if required to install cover off center.
This design do not require enlarging of existing drilled holes to apply meaning the existing
holes can be reused if required
The covers are supplied with 3M VHB adhesives to ensure secure installation
Currently available colors (Sold in pairs):
300 Alpine White - $26 USD
Out of stock
668 Jet Black - $26 USD
A74 Melbourne Red - $26 USD
B45 Estoril Blue- $26 USD
Paint your own - $20 USD