product on the market providing multiple position and angle adjustment for better fit.
Constructed from aluminum, our kit is light weight and rust free
Our specially designed back plate have 8 domes formed on it.  When rotated 180 degrees it
provides 15 possible mounting positions.
Angle adjustment horizontally conforming to bumper curvature.
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Rho-plate V1 was our original license plate relocator designed right here in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2008.  
Being popular is not without it's problem.  We found imitators that made direct copies of our products and
selling them online including ebay and amazon.  These imitation kits are using inferior materials and usually
does not have good fit.  We are constantly battling complains on these knock off kits that are not even sold
by us as the customer thought they bought a genuine one.  This situation is not ideal for us as it is
compromising our brand's image.  It's hard for us to make this decision but we decided to stop sale for V1 at
this moment until we figure out a way to solve this.

We've developed the new V2 base on the feedback from our customers and it is a far more superior product
than V1 in every aspect.  We are confident that you will be very satisfied with V2.

Below is some information about our V1 kit to tell you a little bit of our history.